Troubleshooting installation of source


No cuddly braces are used. The local project file checkstyle.xml is used for verifying that.

Source code formatting has to know about that too. The local project file codestyle.xml is references by the project properties.

Eclipse additions

Checkstyle plugin via Checkstyle install by D&D to Eclipse. Afterwards create new global style, name it as you like, load it from the checkstyle.xml of this project and use that style on the project settings of eclipse. JavaCodeStyle->Formatter->Import to read the current specification.

Error RegCreateKeyEx

Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5

solved by creating a new registry key as administrator:


Ticket system

For internal use we now have jira installed. Tickets can be sent via eMail too.

Source code repository

Our git is accessible via gitea gui.